About us

About us.


Evounce is going to be the global one-stop-shop for planning any type of private event.

We share the vision that the planning of private events (e.g. weddings, birthday parties or corporate events) should be much simpler and more automated than existing solutions, with the client staying in full control all the same. It should be fun, quick and simple, without any of details of the event getting lost.
Our clients are both planners of events and providers of event solutions (e.g. bands, caterers, photographers). We are convinced that both sides can benefit from a pragmatic solution and can save time, earn more money and have a larger selection to choose from.


We provide an easy way for everyone to create memorable events.

Our mission is simple: We provide everyone planning a private event with an easy-to-use solution to have a memorable experience and an unforgettable event. Solution providers must be able to contribute to such an event and should have the chance to apply, if desired.

The Evounce Team

Stefan Gedamke


With a background in science, an MBA and over 14 years of working in banking and consulting, Stefan is covering all our non-coding topics. He loves doing sports and being outdoors with his dog.

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Cornel Boppart


Cornel has a BSc in Business Information Technology and a background in design with more than 11 years of coding experience and project management. You can often catch him playing drums during his lunch break.

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Philipp Keller


Professional software developer Phil has an MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and more than 15 years of coding experience. He is a computer nerd and an amateur musician.

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Joel Schneiter


Self-taught software developer Joel has over 12 years of experience. He has a BSc in systems engineering and is a generalist currently studying towards a management degree.

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Moritz Sauer


Moritz has more than 20 years of experience in the event industry and with his background in political science, general management and digital marketing he takes care of the connection and alignment between our tool and the market. He is a semi-professional basketball player and loves spending time at the lake of Zurich with his family.

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Origins of Evounce

Evounce was created out of a frustration: After several Evounce team members had been planning various events, they realized how painful it was to find the right vendors in a reasonable amount of time. Often, there was only just enough time to contact a few vendors and to collect offers before they had to make a decision. They were always left with the feeling to have missed out, as the coverage of vendors was very low and the communication laborious. At the same time, they received feedback from friends who were vendors that it was really hard to find suitable events to offer their services to and that existing platforms were too expensive.


Company address

Evounce GmbH
Strubikon 3
8311 Brütten