Discover the core features.


Create a new event.

Evounce makes it really easy to create a new event. You are guided through every step: First, you create and name your event and then you decide when, where and with how many people you plan to celebrate. You also have the option to add a budget, if you like. It only takes two minutes.


Define your elements.

Add event elements to further define what exactly you need. For example, one element for music, if you are looking for a band, and one element for food, if you want to host a dinner. Vendors that match your request will send offers for each individual element.


View the event timeline.

Once you have added all your elements, you can switch from the bubble view to a timeline view. This way you have a complete overview of what happens when at your event and you will be able to make sure all your event elements are correctly placed on the timeline, before asking for offers.


Simulate your costs.

Already received offers from vendors? Great! Now you have the option to add your favorites to the event cost simulator. You can select one offer for each event element. The cost simulator will calculate the total price for you and you can check, whether it is still within your budget.


Pay with one click.

You can pay each selected offer individually or you can pay all of them at once with the click of a button. Evounce will automatically generate a PDF contract for each offer.